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Preferences in LogicProAccessing PreferencesSaving PreferencesGeneral Preferences in LogicProAudio Preferences in LogicProMIDI Preferences in LogicProDisplay Preferences in LogicProScore Preferences in LogicProVideo Preferences in LogicProAutomation Preferences in LogicProControl Surface Preferences in LogicProSharing Preferences in LogicPro.Bouncing Your ProjectCreating a BounceRouting Channel Strips to an OutputDefining the Bounce RangeDefining Parameters in the Bounce WindowSetting the Bounce Filename and FolderBouncing and DitheringProject and File InterchangeSharing LogicPro Data over a NetworkBacking Up Audio FilesBacking Up and Sharing ProjectsWorking with Standard MIDI FilesWorking with GarageBand ProjectsWorking with OMF FilesWorking with OpenTL FilesWorking with AAF FilesWorking with FinalCutProXML FilesWorking with SoundtrackPro STAP FilesExporting Individual Regions as Audio FilesExporting Individual or Multiple Tracks as Audio FilesWorking with NotationOpening the Score EditorGetting to Know the Score EditorUnderstanding the Basic Scoring StagesEntering Notes and Symbols in the Score EditorWorking with the Part BoxLearning About Part Box GroupsGeneral Editing in the Score EditorEditing Notes in the Score EditorCreating and Inserting Rests in the Score EditorEditing Clefs in the Score EditorEditing Slurs and Crescendi in the Score EditorEditing Repeat Signs and Bar Lines in the Score EditorWorking with Standard TextWorking with Automatic TextWorking with LyricsWorking with ChordsWorking with Chord GridsWorking with Tablature MarkingsWorking with Time and Key SignaturesTranscribing MIDI RecordingsDefault Settings for New MIDI RegionsSelecting Multiple Regions in the Score EditorDisplay ParametersHidden MIDI RegionsUsing Note Attributes to Change Individual NotesWorking with Staff StylesUsing Score Sets to Create Scores and PartsPreparing the Score Layout for PrintingExporting the Score as a Graphic FileCustomizing the Score Editors AppearanceQuantizing Audio and MIDIUnderstanding Region- and Event-based QuantizationUnderstanding the Quantize Grid OptionsFine-Tuning the Quantize Grid OptionsQuantizing Audio or MIDI RegionsQuantizing Phase-Locked Audio TracksQuantizing MIDI Regions PermanentlyQuantizing MIDI EventsWorking with Groove TemplatesEditing MIDI Events in the Transform WindowGetting to Know the Transform WindowChoosing and Using Transform SetsLearning About the Transform PresetsUsing the Transform Window ParametersCreating Your Own Transform SetsImporting Transform Sets From Other ProjectsUsage ExamplesWorking with MarkersOpening Marker Areas and WindowsCreating MarkersCopying MarkersSelecting MarkersDeleting MarkersNaming MarkersChanging the Appearance of Marker TextEditing MarkersNavigating with MarkersSwitching Between Marker AlternativesCustomizing the Marker Display in the Marker ListImporting, Removing, and Exporting Marker InformationDownload EBOOK Logic Pro 9 PDF for free Working in the EnvironmentOpening the EnvironmentGetting to Know the EnvironmentWorking with LayersWorking with ObjectsCreating Your MIDI Signal PathExchanging EnvironmentsCustomizing the Environment DisplayRecording in LogicProChecking Hardware Connections and Settings for RecordingSetting the Project Sample RateSetting the Project Bit DepthSetting Up the Metronome for RecordingEnabling Software Monitoring for RecordingSetting the Monitoring Level for RecordingDefining the Recording FolderNaming Audio RecordingsChoosing the Recording File TypeSetting the Recording FormatRecord-Enabling TracksGetting to Know Audio RecordingAudio Take RecordingAudio Multitrack RecordingAudio Punch RecordingAudio Replace RecordingDeleting Audio RecordingsGetting to Know MIDI RecordingMIDI Take RecordingMIDI Multitrack RecordingMIDI Merge RecordingMIDI Replace RecordingRetrospective Recording of MIDI RegionsSwitching Instruments to Software Instrument Live ModeFiltering MIDI Events When RecordingTurning MIDI Thru Off When RecordingUsing Advanced Recording CommandsColoring Takes While RecordingMarking a Good Take While RecordingMIDI Step Input RecordingCreating Your ArrangementGetting to Know the Arrange AreaSnapping Region Edits to Time PositionsUsing Drag ModesScrubbing Your ArrangementUsing Shortcut MenusMuting RegionsSoloing RegionsNaming RegionsAssigning Colors to RegionsSelecting RegionsAdding, Recording, and Removing RegionsRestoring Removed RegionsMoving RegionsResizing RegionsCutting, Copying, and Pasting RegionsAdding or Removing Arrangement PassagesCreating Region AliasesCreating Region ClonesConverting Regions to a New Sampler TrackCreating Multiple Copies of RegionsCreating Region LoopsDividing RegionsDemixing MIDI RegionsMerging Regions (General Tools and Commands)Merging MIDI RegionsMerging Audio RegionsWorking with FoldersCreating Crossfades and Fades on Audio RegionsSetting Region ParametersWorking with Tempo and Audio RegionsAutomatic Tempo MatchingSetting the Project Tempo to Match an Audio RegionTime Stretching RegionsUsing Beat Detection to Create Tempo ChangesImporting, Removing, and Exporting Tempo InformationGetting to Know RegionsWhat Are Regions?MIDI and Audio Regions ComparedHandling Regions in the Audio Bin and Sample EditorCategory: Computing The author of the book: Mark Cousins Format files: PDF, EPUB, TXT, DOCX The size of the: 7.87 MB Language: English ISBN-13: 9788535246834 Edition: Editora Campus Date of issue: 12 August 2011 Reviews of the Logic Pro 9 ae94280627

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